A downloadable game for Windows

Programming and Direction -- Armond Smith

Art and Design -- Brian Mata

GMTK Game Jam Submission made in about 20 hours (We slept quite a lot!)

What if every time you jumped, you could only land on a certain kind of block?

This game is an auto runner in which every time you jump you switch between the Green and Pink blocks to reach the goal post at the end. Be careful though! Coins may increase your score, but they also increase the speed of the character, making platforming tricky!

Game is best enjoyed in 800 * 600 Windowed mode.

There is only one level that repeats since this was made in such a short time.

Originally we wanted to make a 2.5D kind of game where each platform was on a different layer of 3D space, however, since we did not have proper artists, we decided that was impossible for the time we worked on the project. Instead we used Tiled and Tiled2Unity to import assets that Brian made from scratch (he is also not an artist) to quickly test and design our game in 2D. The entire process was done on stream at https://www.twitch.tv/zioraptura until Twitch died around 7:30pm EST on Sunday night. It was a good time!


Slime Drop.zip 11 MB